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Farmers market - apples and berries

Visit the cosy Bakkeskov Farm by the Magleby Forest and buy seasonal apples, berries and apple juice. Later in the year we also sell Christmas fir. You will find everything at the "Apple Stand" on the farm.

Overview of harvest ready Bakkeskov-apples from August until April
sommeræbler Summer
Forester apples and August apples (Transparente Blanche)
sensommeræbler Late summer
Ananasæbler, Discovery, Guldborg, Ingrid Marie, James Grieve og Red Gråsten
efterårsæbler Fall
Cox Queen, Cox Orange, Filippa, Ingrid Marie and Red Aroma
vinteræbler Winter
Belle de Boskoop and Pigeon

Apples: From August to April we sell many different kinds of apples, i.e. red, green, sour, sweet and juicy. Our apples and berries are pesticide-free and we do not use fertilizers.

In July and August we sell berries such as red- and black currents, gooseberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Farmers market:
Apples - fill a bag (about 1 kg) for DKK 10.00
Frozen, unfiltered and unpasteurised apple juice DKK 20.00 per litre
Apple chutney, jelly and jam DKK 25.00 per jar.

Bakkeskov på Stevns
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